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Flavor Difference

Our focus on specialty malts helps you deliver maximum flavor, color and aroma in your products. Choose M&R as your source for high-kilned base, crystal, caramel, and dark roast malts from a variety of grains types


Our smaller scale allows us to work hand-in-hand with your operation to provide the exact ingredients you need with the profiles you want.
Grow your own grain? We'll malt it for you.


Flavors and aromas of higher color malts diminish over time. Our closer proximity and mindful packaging maximizes the impact of your grain bill.

Purposeful Sourcing

We contract with the best small grain farmers in Virginia and beyond to ensure ideal malting-quality grain. Every bag of M&R malt can be traced to the exact field the raw grain was harvested from.  

Malt defines the attitude of your product. At Murphy & Rude Malting, our name captures ours. With malt production processes rooted in traditional methods (our ol' dog Murphy) and then combined with innovation and adventurous creativity (Rudy, or Rude...the puppy), we create radical malts for differentiating products.   


Our focus is this: obsess over the attributes of flavor-, color-, and aroma-influencing specialty malts and then produce them from a variety of small grains grown both in and outside of Virginia. By applying a wide range of germination, kilning, stewing, drum roasting, and smoking applications, we deliver malt with personality.


Murphy & Rude Malting is your hand-in-glove supplier of fresher, more flavorful ingredients closer to home.  With batch flexibility that comes with 200-ton annual capacity, our small scale positions us as the perfect partner in the creative process that fuels innovation in craft beer and spirits.

Define your attitude. Feed Your Craft.

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