There’s something about that fresh dusting of a mill, that rich breakfast oatmeal aroma that evokes passion among professionals and nostalgia among homebrewers and bakery goers. There’s just something about a beer brewed with fresh malt—it’s better. 

To Mill Fresh is to choose ingredients, specifically malt, intentionally to shorten and strengthen the supply chain that supports your beer and spirits, and to choose flavor accordingly.


To Mill Fresh is to choose the malt less traveled.

As a specialty malt house, Murphy & Rude Malting is committed to providing a diversity of specialty malts to craft breweries and distilleries as transparently, thoughtfully, and fresh, as possible. 


There are thousands of chemical compounds associated with flavor. Malts, particularly highly kilned and roasted malts, contain flavor compounds that increase in volatility as kiln or roaster temperature - and the time at those temperatures - increases.  It is this volatility that results in flavor loss when malts are stored improperly or for too long. Malts shipped from halfway around the country - or the world - are inherently prone to flavor loss.

We don't subscribe to the belief that "local" inherently means "better." To us, it means knowing our customers and our customers knowing us; selecting our raw grains by sight, touch, and direct interaction with our growers; celebrating the opportunities our small scale provides like traceability, creative experimentation, and customization; and the ability to control our production schedule to maximize quality. 


While distance alone makes it worth considering a shorter supply chain, its up to you to define what fresh means. That's all we're asking craft producers to do. Have you considered whether your ingredients are fresh? Have you compared what you are using to a product made closer to you? Are you sourcing ingredients based on habit or choice? Conscious sourcing can singlehandedly disrupt the craft beer and spirits business and de-commoditize  what we consider Craft.


When you Feed Your Craft, consider choosing the malt less traveled.


Every one of our products is produced with freshness in mind, so we think each one deserves a little time in the spotlight. Visit this page often to discover what inspires us to keep making the freshest malt possible.

Milk Chocolate and Bakers Cocoa are the OG's of our roasting program, defining the patience required to layer flavors in the drum. They can stand on their own or be combined 50/50 to create a standard 320L American chocolate malt. 

Milk Chocolate

This pale chocolate roast brings a little coffee bitterness with heavy cocoa notes and a touch of burnt toffee, smoke, and char. When used together, our Milk Chocolate and Bakers Cocoa malts are a match made in dark roast heaven. 

Color: 250-280L

Grist: Under 10% 

Bakers Cocoa

Our dark chocolate malt delivers a very smooth, mild burnt (but not acrid) flavor with a roasted cocoa underbelly. Not debittered, but low in bitterness compared to our Milk Chocolate malt. When used together, our Milk Chocolate and Bakers Cocoa malts are a match made in dark roast heaven. 

Color: 400-450L

Grist: Under 10%


Choosing to mill fresh, locally grown malts from us and other craft companies? Show us on social with the #millfresh hashtag for a chance to be featured.