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Murphy & Rude is a specialty-focused craft malt house based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our brand is committed to supplying craft brewers and distillers with the highest quality, freshest, locally sourced grains as transparently and thoughtfully as possible. 


We are craftsmen and innovators who believe that malt captures and defines the attitude of all beers and spirits. Whether you are a commercial craft brewer, artisan distiller, or weekend warrior home brewer, we know our malts will surprise and delight your senses. 


Define Your Attitude. Feed Your Craft.



Our customers say Murphy & Rude is the best malt in the Mid-Atlantic. We believe that maltster-producer collaboration makes the best product. We’re proud to work with these companies and many others across

Virginia and beyond. 

“The quality of Murphy and Rude's malt is bar none.


There's so much technique and science that goes into malting, and all malt is definitely not created equal.”

Crooked Run Fermentation

“The quality of Murphy and Rude's malt is off the charts. It's no secret that the cost of materials and ingredients has increased over the last few years. Never fear, this has allowed us to reconsider our needs, cut down on shipping costs, and switch to the highest quality malt to make the highest quality beer.”

Elation Brewing

“Hands down the best grains I have gotten my hands on and at an amazing price point too.


If you are able to, do yourself a favor and get this grain!”

Irie Beer Co.

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